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Like to save on long-distance rates? Then look no further! calling card offers one of the best rates for long-distance phone calls from Canada or North America to the most popular destinations.

Some of the key features that this prepaid calling card offers:


You will receive your PIN number in an email when you order the card from

A copy of the PIN is also available within your secured account information under recent order section


Raza.Com Instant Top Up

We also carry PINLESS project that you can buy to top up Raza.Com credits to your landline or mobile phone number. Raza.Com Instant Top Up is a great way for making a long-distance call from Canada or North America without the need to remember or use PIN numbers.

How does Direct Phone Top Up work?

You can choose to add long-distance time from to any of your landline or mobile phone number. You will be provided with a access phone number near your area that you can dial in from your registered mobile phone or landline to make long-distance phone calls. Since your phone number is already registered, you won't need to type in any PIN number. Registering your phone number if you don't have a account is super easy. Here is how it works:

1. Go to our direct top-up page -

2. Choose the amount of top-up that you want to add to your phone number

3. Provide us with your Mobile or Landline phone number that you want to top up credit

4. Check out and Pay! - You are done!

Once we process your order, we will add the requested top-up credit to your phone number provided. If there is no existing account on the phone number provided, we will register your phone number, create your new account with and send you with a new Access number.

Please note that your order processing is subject to security and transaction review. If we are unable to process your order, we will let you know. top-up is not an instant top-up service so please allow some time to review and complete the top-up process.


Please note: Raza.Com Instant Top Up is a PINLESS Top Up. Raza.Com Instant Top Up is not real-time top up. It may take from 30 minutes to 8 hours to top Up mobile number which you provided.

Terms and Conditions

Raza.Com Instant Top Up is not real-time top-up. It may take from 30minutes to 8hours to top Up mobile or Landline number which you provided.


1. Dial access telephone number as shown on the Access Numbers tab
2. Follow voice instructions, enter PIN
3. Dial your destination number:

– Canada, U.S. and Caribbean calls: 1 + area code + telephone number
– For international calls: 011 + country code + city code + telephone number
Press # # to place another call

Customer Service - Call 1-866-874-5870



1. Dial the access number

2. Enter your PIN number

3. Press #1 to Set up. Press #2 to remove



1. Dial the access number & Press #3

2. Enter your PIN number


You may want to call's customer service number at 1-866-874-5870 for getting any additional help or if having issues with access numbers, recharging or using the card.




 BARRIE  705-881-1786  LONDON  226-289-2376 TORONTO  416-477-0205
 BRANTFORD  226-227-1924  MONTREAL  514-447-0611 VANCOUVER  778-785-9774
 CALGARY  403-774-1754  OSHAWA  905-448-2075  VICTORIA  289-955-1708
 EDMONTON  780-628-6712  OTTAWA-HULL  613-366-0598  VICTORIA  250-483-1142
 GUELPH  519-341-1038 QUEBEC CITY  418-948-1914  WHITBY  289-638-1805
HALIFAX  902-482-5779 SOUTH PICKERING  289-631-1803  WINDSOR  226-946-1019
HAMILTON  289-639-2500  ST. CATHERINES  905-228-2255  WINDSOR  519-968-1054
KITCHENER-WATERLOO  519-804-1728 TORONTO  647-722-0739  WINNIPEG 204-272-5083
TOLL FREE ACCESS  1-800-901-1150  CUSTOMER SERVICE  1-866-874-5870    


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