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Raza.Com Instant Top Up

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Raza.Com Instant Top Up

Buy Pinless credit for Raza.Com top up. Raza.Com Instant Top Up is for long distance call from Canada. You can top up your mobile or landline number directly without entering PIN number for Raza.Com.


How does Direct Phone Top Up work?

You can choose to add long distance time from to any of your landline or mobile phone number. You will be provided with a access phone number near your area that you can dial in from your registered mobile phone or landline to make long distance phone calls. Since your phone number is already registered, you won't need to type in any PIN number. Registering your phone number if you don't have a account is super easy. Here is how it works:

1. Go to our direct top-up page -

2. Choose the amount of top-up that you want to add to your phone number

3. Provide us with your Mobile or Landline phone number that you want to top up credit

4. Check out and Pay! - You are done!


Once we process your order, we will add the requested top-up credit to your phone number provided. If there is no existing account on the phone number provided, we will register your phone number, create your new account with and send you with a new Access number.

Please note that your order processing is subject to security and transaction review. If we are unable to process your order, we will let you know. top up is not an instant top-up service so please allow some time to review and complete the top up process.



Raza.Com Prepaid Calling Cards

If you are looking to buy prepaid calling card then visit our calling card page at


Please note: Raza.Com Instant Top Up is a PINLESS Top Up. Raza.Com Instant Top Up is not real-time top up. It may take from 30minutes to 8hours to top Up mobile number which you provided.

Terms and Conditions

Raza.Com Instant Top Up is not real time top up. It may take from 30minutes to 8hours to top Up mobile or Landline number which you provided.


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